Thursday, 12 August 2010

Kid logic

Working at this summer school I met a little boy who is so inteligent and astute for his age and completely understands painting for the sake of painting and not trying to make it look like anything in particular, which is hard to convince the younger ones of, he has a system, and an order to his thoughts though, and make paintings in series' where they chart the progress of the end result, so doing one, adding something, doing another the same as that then adding, and when he lays them out to dry he doesnt oder them left to right and then down like we normaly do (in the west anyway) he lays them right to left, and then up. Its incredible to watch, really interesting. And he gets when things just work, and you don't need to say why or add any more which is amazing at his age. So I did this wee sketch book thing, very rough but I was thinking about what I'd seen him do, and doing a lot of random type and selecting bits of quotes to write next to images in my sketchbook, often at random leading you to think they have some link to the image, they may do afterwards which is interesting. Backwatds approach to things like this kid.

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