Monday, 30 August 2010

Extraordinary Measures at Belsay Hall

Slinkachu above.

Matt Collishaw's Zeotrope- The Garden of Unearthly Delights.
From Here to There is Not That Far by Mariele Neudecker. Heard some old ladies talking about how imposing it was upon the landscape, but I thought it was just imposing enough to have a contrast, but it not be the point of putting it there, and more about its reflections and scale. A friend told me she read about it's links so Alice and the Looking Glass and also the windows of Belsay hall itself.

And Ron Muek's Spooning Couple and Drift. So interesting, a friend and I both thought (seeing the piece separatley) there were obvious connections to Christ in this, and in the same room a miniature, but still as creepily realistic as his other pieces, black teenager with a cut on his stomach the same as Christ's in so many biblical paintings, and I couldn't afford the exhibition book on Muek but upon flicking through there were a lot of references to Christ in the tomb (Holbein) and other biblical paintings. Very clever and subtle.

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