Sunday, 15 August 2010

Joel Sternfeld

Buisness man with laundry is probably my absolute favorite of his work, not particularly because I think its the best photo he has tacken but because it has so many layers and bits you don't realise at first glance. I probably think this because I used it as a starting point for some work I did on foundation, and I really loved and ran with the different suggestions it has going on. Like the look in his eyes like he's been caught, the fact hes so well dressed so why does he have his laundry there in the street? the angle like it was taken at an opportune moment, I think it has connotations of the economies crash and the bankers all loosing their jobs, a wealthy man that looks homeless? lots of things.

I think I'm listening to too much Iron and Wine and The Gaslight Anthem, and am getting pangs of wanting to travel across middle America as well, and photos like these are what Im in the mood for. (Doesn't help that my best friend is galavanting in Africa at the minute.) Next year? Year after? coast to cost I think.

photos from all over google.

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