Thursday, 9 September 2010

New obsession: David Gilbert

pieces of art crush

Bits of rubbishy paper twisted and coiled probably done with no thought as to what it would ultimatley look like, placed and photographed in a way that makes you think it is beautiful.

I love this, it's my kind of mix of old, found, abandoned object that has a kind of era specific, kitcsh naff-ness to it, just attacked with a brash colour of paint. Brilliant.
This piece above is called fred and ginger. How good.
This one looks like something sat on my desk right now-

And this stuff below, almost replaces my obsession with Rachel Harrison.
So well done, exactly what I am struggling with trying to make at the minute, this is what I want to do. Strange, odly placed instalations and photographs.
Brilliantly photographed and hung in the gallery space next to similar objects, very nice. The real and represented.
from his website.

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