Sunday, 11 July 2010

"creating a scene" project on foundation end of 2009

I started off wanting to create a kind of messed up nursery scene, like a flash back to being caught red handed or something, and then I looked at Paul McCarthy's most recent stuff in which there was a lot of collage and messy drawings of childhood mixed with sauded ideas and over used media and plasticy micky mouse symbols. So I started to go in that sort of direction.

After ripping up and destroying children's books and toys I realised I wasn't necessarily interested in the same things as Mc Carthy, more at an ecentric, polarised snap shot of any ones childhood. Messing with the ideas of framing portraits of your children and the typical stories we all read when we are young.

After experimenting I broke the piece up again, singling out what worked and coupling new things together. I had a look at them displayed on a white wall but it didn't work as well, so I found some torn up wallpaper and used that as a kind of back drop. But after deciding on placement it needed something in addition, to join the wallpaper to the feel of the individual pieces so I looked at some freize paitings and an ex chelsea tutors work painting drippy half there half not naratives onto the wall.
It ended up as an installation piece, but also works in specific sections- as photographed below.

Some work that I found interesting when thinking of these themes- Therrien, Stezzaker, Harrison, Patterson and the artist with the installations of micky mouse etc who I feel awful but can't find the name of anywhere.

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