Monday, 12 July 2010

"glimpses" project on foundation January 2010

I was wokring on subverting the black and white photographs I found in a book of everyday life on a street. It was clearly a particular era and place and I wanted to encorperate the images without it being about them. Introducing all kinds of found materials and some of my own photos. I wanted it to feel like glimpses and moments in an everyday, brought to light to consider longer. I wanted it to be playful and sort of cheeky in parts with the grittyness of the black and white photos grounding it and stopping it from being quaint or twee.

Stockholder, Thomson, Harrison, King, Nettie Horn, Messager, ICA and Rauschenberg (below). Some of the work that really helped me making this work and in turn helped me realise a lot about my practise.

As I was working it became apparent to me that the tables surface was very important to the piece, as was the eye level you looked at the maquettes at. As if you are submerged in this landscape. So I constructed this viewing plynth like thing that you can walk around to view the bits and bobs. This helped me also realise that although all of the moments work by themselves they also work with, play off and rely on the ones around them.

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