Thursday, 8 July 2010

fine art at the start of Foundation at Chelsea

It's going a bit backwards but never mind- final pieces from first foundation fine art rotation project. The result of looking at the confusing and overwelming amount of information that is forced on us every minute of the day, and how it enters are brains and becomes scrambled, leaving us with faint memories of some things and punchey imposing memories of others.

Clunie Reid's work was suggested to me when making the collages. I still really like his work, the images he selects and the hap hazard way he assembles his pieces, along with the black marker scrawled across them.
I looked at Felix Gonzalez Torres when thinking of ways to distribute my jumbled up poems. I constructed a perspex box and invited people to take photo copies which they would then realise they could not get. (I think it got lost in the studio somewhere.)

The board with the fragments of poem on was given to people to photograph in their own context.

Mapping parts out on the wall, I added bits of other texts, blocking parts and uncovering others, layering and photocopying over and over, trying to reveal a false message and then cover it up again- baffle the audience.
I parts of some Haiku poems that we were given and jumbled them up to create my own narative which I originally related to an image of a buisness man standing with all his washing in the street. Writting it out on fragments of photocopied off cuts in black and white, changing the scale of the letters, making it harder and harder for the viewer to read.

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