Thursday, 8 July 2010

made in summer 2009

Looking at mix of childhood, innocence, the traditional and the archaic combined with a modern reality. I used a lot of suggestions of nature to illustrate what I was thinking, as a sort of vessel to talk about childhood and the ignorance is bliss-ness of it, being impartial and always present despite the politics of adulthood. I think as well I spent a lot of time at home in Newcastle across from fields, with the contrast of a school being refurbished behind our house and also the weird coexistence in our village of land and deans and then council housing, pubs and run down shops. A little confused I think in retrospect, but I was struggling with the ideas aforementioned and these were the results.

Stephen Gill's buried series (one above)- really beautiful photographs of quite boring subject matter.

Stephen Gill again (one above), a lot like some of the work I did on photographs and letting other factors manipulate their surfaces- with mine heat and chemical reactions and with Gill's work- the earth and decay.

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