Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Final Major Project for foundation summer 2010

I called this project Plastic Poem as it really was an amalgamation of known, ordinary objects, to creare a bizarre and intriguing museum type display set up. Looking at Rachel Harrison's work (as always!) helped me a lot, even if I did see it after I handed the project in, it affirmed in my mind the type of things I'd been looking at and struggling with. She did it in a much more confident, in-your-face way though; and a much more american take on it- I think my work felt very British, the waste of British society, all the bits and pieces you see all the time but never even give a thought too culminated to create really weird stuff.

John Bock's work below, which I actually saw a few years ago in New York at the Unmonumental exhibition at the Bowery. I love the bizzare collages he makes, and use of any material possible including egg shells and light bulbs.

Graham Hudson's massive pile of weird and old objects.
Ian Burns work below.
Jessica Stockholder's work above one and below, traditionaly a painter she creates skins over her objects that bind them together. She intercepts a place and creates work that forces itself into the space, using repeated objects that represent the poetry she uses in her work.

Rebecca Warren's amalgams below.
"For the blind man..." exhibition at the ICA. Amazing idea where the bits of detritus get reajusted every day to create new moments all the time.

Angela De La Cruz at Camden Arts Centre, where the name of each piece influences your perception of why she has twisted and crippled the canvases the way she has.
Haunch of Venison exhibition, more exotic and new worldy than my ideas but like the way she puts things together.

Work below from the "curation in residency" at 176 gallery at Chalk Farm. One of the best exhibitions I have seen in long while. Everything looks totaly cluttered but completely at home even though created by different artists, the placement relates each work so well to another, and the gallery invites you to create your own narative as you go around.

I really like Rachel Harrison's use of completely boring and random film footage and photography. Highlighting the usually un-highlighted. Bringing focus to the absolute mass of useless stuff we have in the world. She also lickened a cattle auction to ants, repetative, humming.

I was really pleased with the project in the end- it took enough time to sort out! But I felt I could go on for ever with it as there is no right or wrong- its all about placement. I was asked a lot about decision making when it comes to placement in my interviews, as I think with work like mine where a lot of the actual material is found and then altered and paired with other things- they have to ask the question to make sure your not randomly going about attaching things with no thought process. At first I struggled with it because the best things I produce are the things completely uncalculated, so in the end I settled on it being like a strem of consciousness, like a written inner monologue, that I decifer and work out afterwards. Usualy the material I am using represents the subject matter so what ever the result is will always relate back to my ideas.

Massive hoarder.

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